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Repair & Warranty Center

Repair & Warranty Center

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Gas Detection Equipment Repair

Conney’s factory-certified technicians can provide repair services for gas detection and environmental instruments to manufacturers’ specifications, whether you have one monitor or a fleet of units. Conney also provides warranty work and preventative maintenance programs.

Services include inspection, calibration, sensor changes, warranty repair, and other maintenance.

Benefits of using Conney's Repair Center:

  • Decreased equipment down time
  • Decreased repair costs
  • Increased performance and reliability
  • Increased ROI
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Fall Protection Equipment Inspections

Fall protection violations are continuing to rank #1 with OSHA—let us help take some of the worry away from your inspection process.

Conney can competently inspect and document your fall protection devices such as winches, self-retracting lifelines (SRL), harnesses, and other fall protection equipment. If you know your fall protection winch or SRL is damaged or involved in a fall, we work directly with manufacturers such as 3M Fall Protection, Miller Fall Protection, MSA, and others to both repair these devices and to keep your equipment working safely. If you know your unit needs to be repaired, contact Safety Services at 800-462-1947.

Fall protection equipment should be competently inspected at a minimum once per year. Conney Safety has a team of safety professionals, including Certified Safety Professionals, who can help you identify better safety products that will fit your specific work needs, allowing project productivity to be maintained. You can either call our Safety Services team or use the form below if you need to have your fall protection equipment competently inspected.

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Electrical Glove Testing

OSHA requires the repeated inspection of rubber insulating gloves every 6 months, and we are pleased to provide this service. These tests verify the integrity of the gloves so that the electrical safety of the person wearing them is ensured, and that the product meets or exceeds ASTM standards and OSHA regulations. Testing options include:

  • Cleaning
  • Visual Inspection/Air Test
  • Electrical Test
  • Re-Certification Sheet/Packing Slip

We will test your gloves and have them back to you in 7-10 days. Please be sure to fill out the downloadable worksheet (by selecting the button below) and include a copy of it when shipping your gloves to the testing lab listed on the document. To request testing, add Conney #298133 to your cart; adjust quantity for each pair of gloves. Then continue with the check-out process. To have a single glove tested, add Conney #298132 to your cart and continue with the check-out process. A $5 small order fee is added to any electrical gloves testing services of less than 10 pairs.

NOTE: If a glove fails, we will identify why and it will still be returned to you.

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How Often Should You Test Gloves?

30 Days 60 Days 6 Months Damage Suspected
Optional Optional Required Required

NOTE: If the glove has not been put in service for a year, it needs to be tested. If a glove fails, we will identify why and it will still be returned to you, with your option to have us replace it.

Other testing services include hot sticks, blankets, sleeves, mats, and line hoses.

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Glove Exchange Program

Taking glove testing to another level, Conney Safety has partnered with Hi-Line to bring you the Glove Exchange Program. The program ensures that rubber products, such as rubber gloves, meet or exceed ASTM standards and OSHA regulations while maximizing product usage. Skip the worry about when to send in your gloves for testing — we take care of everything, including:

  • Storing Gloves and Rubber Products
  • Managing Glove Rotations
  • Testing and Shipping

The program includes automated scheduled exchanges of your electrical gloves and rubber products; rotating gloves from your personal inventory; ready-to-use, tested gloves sent to your location when they need to be exchanged in the field. Once your next cycle of gloves arrives, you'll simply return your current set to our testing lab to be cleaned, visually inspected, and placed into a temperature controlled storage area ready for the next cycle.

In addition to glove testing, this program can also include testing and rotations for sleeves, blankets, hoods, boots, line hoses, and more.

For pricing and additional information, please contact one of our Safety Advisors at 800-462-1947.

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