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Gas Detection Equipment Repair

Conney’s factory-certified technicians can provide repair services for gas detection and environmental instruments to manufacturers’ specifications, whether you have one monitor or a fleet of units. Conney also provides warranty work and preventative maintenance programs.

Services include inspection, calibration, sensor changes, warranty repair, and other maintenance.

Benefits of using Conney's Repair Center:

  • Decreased equipment down time
  • Decreased repair costs
  • Increased performance and reliability
  • Increased ROI
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Fall Protection Equipment Inspections

Fall protection violations are continuing to rank #1 with OSHA—let us help take some of the worry away from your inspection process.

Conney can inspect, repair, and certify your fall protection devices such as winches, self-retracting lifelines (SRL), and other fall protection equipment. We work directly with manufacturers such as Capital Safety, Miller Fall Protection, MSA, and others to keep your equipment working safely.

Conney Safety has a team of safety professionals, including Certified Safety Professionals that can help you identify better safety products that will fit your specific work needs, allowing project productivity to be maintained.

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Electrical Glove Testing

We provide the service of safety testing rubber insulating gloves. OSHA requires the repeated inspection of rubber insulating gloves every 6 months. These tests verify the integrity of the gloves so that the electrical safety of the person wearing them is ensured. Testing options include:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Air Test
  • Electrical Test
  • Cleaning/Dusting
  • Performance Report

We will test your gloves and have them back to you in 4-6 weeks. To get started, select the button below and order glove testing. Once your order is placed, you will receive an order acknowledgement with the address of our testing lab. Print out the acknowledgement and include it with your glove shipment.

Other testing services include hot sticks, blankets, sleeves, mats, and line hoses.