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Wear safety glasses any time there is a risk of eye injury due to impact from flying debris. Whether you're working in the woodshop or the laboratory, include safety glasses in your daily safety gear!

Modern safety glasses look as good as any pair of sunglasses you find in a department store and they provide eye protection. Buy stylish safety glasses made by Smith & Wesson, Body Glove, Dewalt and no one will know youre wearing protective eyewear. They look that good!

Whether metal or plastic frames, safety glasses provide perfect eye protection and you wont even notice you have them on. They'll also comfortably rest on your face with so many versatile fitting options available. Try adjustable or padded nose piece, adjustable or padded temples for ultimate comfort and secure fit of your safety glasses.

Don't forget the real reason to buy safety glasses -- the eye protection. Most safety glasses meet the ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard for impact resistance. Look for the Z87 stamped right on the frame. Safety glasses lenses are made of polycarbonate, making them lightweight and strong enough to protect from eye impact. Many polycarbonate glasses are hard coated to protect against scratches. Use these safety glasses when you're working in a rough environment. Other polycarbonate glasses contain anti-fog coated lenses perfect for hot and humid or cold environments. You'll never worry about limited vision from fog again.

Choose from many different lens colors for your safety glasses. Our most popular lens colors are clear, grey, mirrored and indoor/outdoor(I/O). All lenses provide 99% protection from ultraviolet rays. Refer to our safety glasses FAQ or let us help you pick out the right safety glasses lens for your workplace.

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