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Air Purifying Respirators (APR) provide workers with respiratory protection from harsh environments. These respirator masks, also known as a gas mask respirator, full face mask, half face mask and full face respirator, function similarly to the disposable respirator, however, they are much more versatile. Conney offers 3M respirators, North respirators, MSA respirators and Sperian respirators in many different sizes.

APR respirator masks filter through negative pressure, meaning that when you breathe in the respirator mask, negative pressure is applied to the face. This distinction is important as all supplied air respirator and powered air respirator designs operate under a positive pressure environment, so the air is blown into the respirator mask through the filter.

APR respirator masks come in two different styles: half face respirator mask and full face respirator mask. Both respirator options operate in the same manner, but you gain face and eye protection by using the full face respirator mask.

In many workplace environments there are risks of chemical splashes or irritating vapors that can hurt workers eyes and a full face respirator model will fully protect you from any of these threatening situations.

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