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A durable faceshield, paired with a good pair of safety glasses, will provide ultimate face protection. Sometimes, safety glasses just arent enough. When youre working with unsafe chemicals or large flying debris, go with a full faceshield.

Choose between polycarbonate, PETG or mesh faceshields. Polycarbonate faceshields are the most common and economical faceshield selection available for basic face protection. A PETG faceshield will stand up much better to a toxic chemical splash than a polycarbonate faceshield. Mesh faceshields provide the most durable and breathable face protection option. They are impact resistant and lightweight, designed to take a beating from flying wood chips, splinters and other large particulates.

The faceshield must feel comfortable or it wont get used. There are several different features that help the faceshield fit more customized. Adjustable suspensions resize the faceshield suspension to the users head size. Tinted faceshields protect from irritating rays and tear-away strips conveniently keep your faceshield clean and visibility high.

A faceshield alone is not a replacement for safety glasses or other protective eyewear and does not meet the ANSI Z87 standard for eye protection. Pick up a pair of safety glasses to go with your faceshield to meet the standard. Our safety experts know which faceshield is right for your workplace, contact them today.