CleanSpace™ Half Mask

The CleanSpace™ Half Masks are specifically designed to work to complete the CleanSpace2™ PAPR system. Compatible with CleanSpace2™ respirators (83344), the Half Masks clip quickly onto the power units and are easily unclipped for cleaning. The Half Masks are made of soft silicone that readily molds to the face and does not cause allergic dermatitis.

Features include:

  • Used with the revolutionary CleanSpace2™ PAPR (83344)
  • Mask Fit Test Adaptor available for TSI PortaCount™ fit testing
  • Half Masks available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) to facilitate a good seal and a comfortable fit
  • Easy removal for cleaning
  • Materials: Soft silicone cushion, nylon clips, and polycarbonate (exhalation valve)
  • Transparent and facilitates communication

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Item # 83351
MFR # PAF-0033
Size: Small
Brand: CleanSpace
$95.00 Each

Currently unavailable

Item # 83349
MFR # PAF-1010
Size: Medium
Brand: CleanSpace
$95.00 Each

Currently unavailable

Item # 83350
MFR # PAF-0027
Size: Large
Brand: CleanSpace
$95.00 Each

Currently unavailable