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Superior Glove® TenActiv™ Hi-Viz Composite Knit Micropore Nitrile Grip Cut-Resistant Gloves, Yellow and Black

TenActiv™ 13-gauge cut-resistant gloves are knit with high- strength composite yarns that are lint-free and stronger than steel on an equal weight basis and are designed to meet a range of applications. The hi-viz knit shell increases worker visibility on the job. Utilizes micropore technology by infusing the nitrile coating with millions of tiny pores. These pores displace oils and liquids when pressed against smooth surfaces, and create a suction that further increases grip. The coated palms also boost puncture and abrasion resistance, all without adding bulk or reducing touch sensitivity. Ideal for work around sharp or jagged metal or handling oily parts. Offers ANSI level A5 cut resistance, ANSI level 4 abrasion resistance and ANSI level 5 puncture resistance.

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