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Take Dirt to the Mat.

It costs roughly $500.00 to remove one pound of dirt and snow—and up to 80% of that comes through your front door.

Is your facility prepared for winter?

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Meet and Greet in 15 Feet.

15-feet of matting will ensure a person three strides to stop moisture and dirt, and adequately scrape and dry footwear at the entrance way.

1. Outdoor Mats

The Direct Safety® Refuge™ Mat is literally where ‘rubber meets road’ in removing up to 40% snow and debris from shoes. Rugged, weather-resistant rubber mats provide patrons footing, and a place to scrape and stomp off the majority of snow and debris from their boots before entering the facility.

2. Resilient Indoor Mat

Next, position the Direct Safety® Expedition™ Ridge Mat that combines tough scraping power with absorbent fibers to contain the snow and debris that was not removed outside.

3. Absorbent Indoor Mat

Often overlooked, the third expanse dries the bottoms of boots and shoes. By following through with a Direct Safety Expedition™ Saxony Mat, plusher, softer fibers help make sure water and dirt will not get into the work area.

Direct Safety® Matting

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Are You Stepping on a Dollar to Pick up a Dime? The Cost of Dirt in the Workplace.

Moisture, dirt and debris that does not get trapped in a floor mat ends up on your floors. Not only is it unsightly, but brings along with it liquids, bacteria and abrasives that create safety and health concerns, in addition to causing wear and tear on surfaces that will require replacement sooner than expected.

A Matting System that is Properly Maintained Provides the Following:

  • A cost-effective way to stop dirt from entering your facility
  • Helps control overall cleaning costs and replacement costs to floors
  • Improves the overall health, safety, and appearance of your workplace

Although one 15-foot matting system can incur a one-time cost of $350 or more if choosing a brand other than Direct Safety®, the ongoing, long-term cost of labor and products to keep floors clean or replace worn floors—not to mention the cost of lost-time accidents due to slips, trip, and falls—far outweigh the short term “savings” of allowing dirt to accumulate—think of it as stepping on a dime to pick up a dollar.

Maintaining your mat investment with proper care and cleaning will also help prolong the life of your 15-foot matting system. Over time, dirt becomes can become embedded in the stitch bed, and cause the mat to wear faster and the backing to slip. This makes for unsafe and dirty walkways. Through consistent vacuuming of absorbent mats and changing out and cleaning wet mats with dry ones, your floors will remain cleaner and your environment safer for a longer period of time.

If your company does not have a commercial service to keep your mats clean, mats can be cleaned by hand using an environmentally responsible cleaner, a hose and water, and a push broom (for scrubbing). The rinsed mats should then be hung to dry in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors if it is not freezing.

Equally important is proper care and cleaning of outdoor or inlaid scraper mats that allow much of the debris to settle though to the pavement. These too should be periodically removed and cleaned for safety and health reasons.

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The Dangers of Slips, Trips, and Falls:

To prepare your facility walkways for the snow-stomping sounds of frosty feet (in addition to those splotchy white stains left behind by salt), now is the time to update worn floor mats that no longer absorb snow and debris, or buckle when treaded on.

Consider the High Cost of Slips, Trips and Falls (STFs):

  • STFs account for 35% of incidents and 15% of lost-time injuries
  • 55% of STFs are commonly caused by fluids, contamination and leaks
  • The average incident results in $3500 in direct costs, with indirect costs as high as $21,000

Updating worn mats before the snow flies will greatly reduce the potential for nasty spills on wet surfaces, as well as minimize trips and falls that happen when worn floor mats shift or warp.

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