Majestic Insoles: Heavy Duty

There is a direct connection between how you feel on your feet and how you focus on your job. Distractions due to pain, fatigue, and exhaustion create a high risk for accidents. AirFeet® HD Industrial™ features dynamic technology that is super thin to fit into all types of safety and steel-toe footwear, providing comforting relief to the challenges of fatigue and work-related injuries.

Features include:

  • Ergonomic design for comfort, fatigue, back, hip, knee, and foot pain
  • Naturally fits steel toe and safety footwear
  • ASTM F1614 shock attenuation tested
  • Absorbs and disperses impacting energy in milliseconds
  • Industry tough-designed for durability and ergonomic responsiveness
  • 3MM thick to fit all footwear, no need to remove existing insole
  • Interchangeable, machine washable, and reversible for maximum life
  • Natural odor protection M.A.P.

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