Draeger Chip Measurement System (CMS) Analyzers

The Draeger CMS (Chip Management System) uses a mass flow controller to take a precise air sample. Simply insert the CMS Chip and follow the instructions. TWA levels are typically analyzed in 1-2 minutes. The color change is measured with a photo-optical system, eliminating any human subjectivity. Upon completion of this process, the concentration is indicated on the LCD display. Unit is accurate within 4 -10% of measured values. This unit does not require gas calibration because all measurement and calibration information is stored on a bar code on the CMS Chip. A leak check is performed before each measurement, so you are assured of accurate indications every time. The on-board data recorder stores up to 50 measurements with the gas/concentration and date/time. Unit runs on four AA batteries and will deliver about 100 measurements per battery change.

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Item # 28628
MFR # 8317700
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