FlareAlert Chaselight: Red

Conney #: 29604

The superbright Chaselight Beacon is great for safely marking emergency scenes, indicating obstacles, or advising caution on roadways at night. Most commonly used by municipalities. Similar to the Beacon Pro LEDs, these are often used for warehouse and industrial safety purposes (traffic safety, forklift safety, caution zones in warehouses, and spill marking). Comes with four lighting modes: Slow Chase, Normal Chase, Flash-Flash-Chase, and All Flash. Slow Chase runs 72 hours, Normal Chase runs 39 hours, Flash-Flash-Chase runs 18 hours, and All Flash runs 23 hours. Batteries are easy to change due to the quick release feature.

Features include:

  • 10 LED lights flash sequentially to indicate direction
  • Crush resistant and waterproof
  • Hold down button for instant power off
  • Magnetic base, sticks to vehicle
  • 30,000 LED life
  • Requires 6 alkaline AA batteries (not included)
  • 3 year warranty

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Color: Red

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    LED Safety Light
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    1.65 lbs
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    14.5" X 4" X 1.5"