Fibre-Metal® Tigerhood® Futura Welding Helmets: Ratchet Suspension, Grey Frame, Auto-Darkening Shade 10 Filter

Conney #: 04735
MFR #: 2001BM10

The Futura offers a streamlined shape that is designed to accommodate safety eyewear and respirators. Classic free floating headgear balances and stabilizes the helmet. Auto-darkening filter goes from Shade 3 in the light to Shade 10 in the dark. Helmets offer: greater heat resistance and a higher melting point; better dimensional stability at elevated temperatures; higher impact, scratch and crack resistance; better chemical resistance; and an ultra-smooth finish to shed spatter better.

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Frame Color: Grey

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  • Brand:
  • Make:
  • Model:
    Tigerhood Futura
  • Product Type:
    Welding Helmets
  • Frame Color:
  • Lens/Shield Tint:
    Shade 10
  • Size:
    2"H X 4.5"W Window
  • Material:
    Noryl Thermoplastic Frame
  • Suspension Type:
    Ratchet Suspension