Allegro® PureFlo™ ESM PAPR

Conney #: 318086
MFR #: 2000S

Head mounted, complete self-contained PAPR with no trailing leads or hoses. Built-in Electronic System Management (ESM) light bar and audible alarm monitors airflow to alert the wearer of low flow, low battery or filter change. Unique air circulator system creates a smooth continuous flow of air.


  • Draws air from surrounding environment through filter located at rear of helmet
  • Sophisticated ESM continually monitors all functions and provides a self-diagnostic systems check
  • Delivers air at 7.6 CFM into breathing zone. Manually activated Booster Switch increases airflow to 8.2 CFM or 230 Liters/Min to meet demands of hotter and more extreme working conditions
  • Choice of HEPA (HE) filter or a combination HE/HF/HC filter (Hydrogen Fluoride and Hydrogen Chloride); both remove 99.97% of liquid or solid based contaminants; effective for removal of nuisance odors from organic vapors
  • Adjustable flame retardant Neck Cape, when sealed, creates self-contained positive pressure environment, providing additional protection to the lower face and neck area
  • APF of 1000 with Neck Cape or APF of 25 with Loose Fitting Face Seal
  • Wide vision face-shield manufactured from high impactresistant polycarbonate with anti-mist, anti-scratch coating. Seals securely against helmets frame and provides protection against impact, high impact (ANSI Z87+) and splashes
  • Hard Hat provides ANSI head protection. Black, White, Yellow & Hi-Viz colors available
  • Quick Release Headband allows for easy cleaning and enables the helmet to be quickly and easily adjusted for different head sizes and shapes, achieving optimum comfort, balance and fit

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