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Focus on Lenses

When it comes to protecting your eyes, it’s all about the lenses. That’s why we offer:

  • Only high impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • 99% UV protection or more on all lenses
  • A variety of lens colors for every light condition
  • Hard coated lenses for improved scratch resistance
  • Anti-fog coated lenses for workers performing in extremely hot, cold, or humid conditions
  • Specialized lenses for those that require reading glasses or prescription eyewear

  • Frameless Safety Glasses – Frameless Safety Glasses are extremely lightweight, yet they still provide heavy-duty protection during applications such as construction, manufacturing, food processing, and more.
  • Semi-Frame Wraparound Spatula Style Safety Glasses – These glasses feature wraparound lenses to provide added protection to the side of your face. The spatula temples can be adjusted for a custom and secure fit.
  • Semi-Frame Wraparound Bayonet Style Safety Glasses – These glasses provide heavy-duty protection during applications such as construction, light manufacturing, food processing, and utilities. Fashionable bayonet-style temples provide a secure and comfortable fit. Polycarbonate lenses provide wraparound protection.
  • Full Frame Safety Glasses – Full Frame Eyewear offers a classic look and all-around frontal and side protection.
  • Metal Frame Safety Glasses – Sporty, metal frames are typically available on our website at affordable prices.
  • Safety Glasses with Sideshields – Safety Glasses with Sideshields provide superior impact protection to the front and sides of the face, without blocking vision.
  • Over the Glass Eyewear – “Over the Glasses” styling offers an alternative to expensive prescription eyewear programs.
  • Polarized Safety Glasses – By reflecting light that causes glare, Polarized Safety Glasses help eliminate eye strain, eye fatigue, and poor visual acuity. Glasses are ideal for any work around water, construction, road, work, or utilities applications.
  • Readers Safety Glasses – Readers are an excellent choice for workers needing increased magnification for close-up inspection, fine detail work, and reading smaller print.

You work hard to provide a safe, productive work environment. And making sure everyone is wearing the appropriate safety eyewear on the job is critical to that effort. But things can get complicated when it comes to employees who need prescription lenses. The HOYA See Clearly Work Safely Prescription Eyewear program simplifies the safety eyewear ordering and delivery process, benefiting both you and your employees. Through this program, you’ll be able to choose from three different packages to fit your safety budget, environment, and workforce.

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For more technical guidelines about eye protection, check out our Eye Protection Ready Reference!
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