Lockout | Tagout

Take the stress out of Lockout/Tagout procedure development!

Employers often lack the time to properly document and create machine specific lockout/tagout procedures. You can now delegate the entire process to the Conney Safety Services team!

Let us take on the daunting task of assessing you facility’s machines, develop procedure documentation, as well as provide training for your staff.

Accidents involving lockout/tagout violations are commonly severe and potentially deadly—the liability is far too great to ignore. Not only do employees need training on the Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout), but also the knowledge on what it takes to isolate a given energy source. That’s where Conney can help!

Our documentation and training may include:

  • Spreadsheet listing of all assets with documented lockout/tagout procedures.
  • Customized lockout/tagout procedures: Procedures can be laminated and ready to hang next to the energy source—includes photos and simplified steps for proper lockout and verification.
  • Review your current written lockout/tagout program and update as needed.
  • Customized employee training to ensure safe operations for both maintenance workers and affected employees.

For more information on these services, contact our Certified Safety Professionals toll-free at 800-462-1947 or safetysupport@conney.com.

Did you know?

OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147(c)(4)(i) indicates that procedures shall be developed, documented, and utilized for the control of potentially hazardous energy when employees are engaged in the activities covered by this section (during servicing and/or maintenance of machines and equipment).