Stay-safe solutions for returning to work

Stay-safe solutions for returning to work

Though work environments differ, we all need to stay safe. And rethinking the way we interact and lay out our spaces – in accordance with federal, state and local regulations – can have a big impact on safety. Built from CDC guidelines*, these recommended solutions to build a strong safety program in these three critical areas:

  • Protecting workers, staff, patients, students and customers
  • Advising customers on social distancing protocols
  • Disinfecting in common areas
With all the responsibilities keeping you busy as you reopen your business, you need top-performing, durable products to give you the confidence to keep your business going while making sure everyone stays safe. Brady has just what you need – informed solutions that help you put reliable and professional safety in place.
* Informed by the Guidelines for Opening Up America Again, the CDC and industry best practices

Floor Marking Tape :

Both indoors and out, you’ll need to enforce strict social distancing protocols, recommended by federal guidelines for all public spaces. Brady's solutions are designed to help you increase productivity by controlling traffic in common areas where customers / personnel are more likely to congregate. In addition to scuff-resistant qualities, Brady floor marking tape is ultra-durable so it won’t need replacing as you solve for social distancing.

Brady recommended solutions:

  • COVID-19 tape that is preprinted with social distancing messages
  • ToughStripe® floor marking tape that comes in a variety of shapes and colors
  • Pavement tape that adheres to concrete and asphalt to mark a safe distance in outdoor areas
  • Anti-slip tape for areas where slipping hazards are a concern

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Public health experts recommend using hand sanitizer and disinfecting frequently in common and high-traffic areas. Because these messages are critical, you’ll want to increase awareness by posting them throughout your facility. Brady signs are heavy-duty, waterproof and can withstand a variety of environments where staying clean is a priority.

Brady recommended solutions:

  • A variety of COVID-19 signs that can be posted in areas throughout your building
  • Sanitation records to keep track of how often high-touch areas are cleaned / disinfected
  • Wash your hands signs that can be posted in restrooms
  • Custom sign options that carry your specific message – find them at or call customer service

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If you need to check for symptomatic individuals before they enter your facility, you’ll need to set up safe and efficient screening stations. Federal guidelines mention the importance of monitoring conditions to mitigate COVID-19 outbreaks. With these safety solutions, you can easily set up and take down a station for shifts, temporary outdoor areas and even restaurants and theaters.

Brady recommended solutions:

  • Floor stands can provide temporary messaging
  • Traffic cones create awareness of off-limit areas until screening is complete
  • Guide posts and stanchions can clearly identify your screening areas

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