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You can search for products in a variety of ways:

By Item Number

Conney.com allows you to search using the following types of item numbers:

By Key Word

Type in the key word(s) and click "Search." Our search engine finds and returns all items with those keywords in their name and/or description.

You can also narrow your keyword search to a particular category and sub-category. This will return a more relevant list of items and give you access to our results-filtering technology as well.


There are two ways you can browse the online catalog:


You can easily compare up to four individual items by placing a checkmark next to the item in the product listing and clicking compare at the top of the column. If your product listing spans several pages, select “View All” to select and compare items on more than one page.


There are several ways to add products to your shopping cart:

Conney.com makes it easy to find and compare products!